A Starbucks, a CVS 'and much more'

PORT CHESTER, N.Y. — The official opening of a new Target retail outlet will take place Sunday — but shoppers can already head over to check out the store.

The store at 495 Boston Post Road in the Gateway Shopping Center is employing about 175 workers, and it measures nearly 90,000 square feet, officials said..

According to a statement released by Target management, the new outlet offers groceries, coffee and pharmaceuticals in addition to its retail products.

"We offer fresh groceries and essentials for a midweek grocery run, a wide assortment of beauty and personal care products, toys and sporting goods for kids, a convenient Starbucks and CVS location and much more,” said the store director, Elena Ramos. The retail chain headquartered in Minneapolis has 93 stores operating in the New York metropolitan region. In southern Connecticut, the only other Target outlet is located in Stamford.

Target moved into the site of the former A.I. Friedman art-supply business, which closed last year.

Port Chester Village Manager Stuart Rabin previously said he viewed the opening as “a positive” for the area.

“It’s a great business coming into Port Chester, and it could bring in shoppers to other areas of the village,” he said last month.

The chain-store management says it has already started a community-investment program. The company stated that in 2021, Target donated over $400,000 in cash in the Port Chester area. It has also made product donations to local nonprofits, including 200,000 pounds of items to food banks. Store workers have performed more than 1,700 volunteer hours in the community, the company states.

The big-box retailer is located near Whole Foods and Old Navy in the shopping center, which is about a mile and half from the town line with Greenwich.

The village of Port Chester has been slated for a number of large-scale construction projects, which has drawn some concerns in Greenwich about the potential for traffic and over-development.  

Plans have been submitted for a major mixed-use development at the former United Hospital campus across the street from Target. A hotel and hundreds of new residential units could be constructed there.

The store operates seven days a week, from 8 a.m. until 11 p.m. every day except Sunday, when it closes at 10 p.m.