Our Asset Management Group brings the cross-functional mindset of an owner to bear when evaluating and positioning an asset for optimal performance.

The Asset Management Group identifies investment opportunities, intensively evaluates each asset and market, develops a strategic plan and recommends whether to proceed.

Following the closing, the true work of creating value begins. Asset managers remain principally responsible for initiating redevelopment and repositioning strategies for each asset and for supervising performance until final disposition.

asset management

The acquisition of the asset marks the beginning of the next phase: strategic plan implementation. At this point the Asset Management Group initiates any redevelopment activity prescribed by the plan, while seamlessly transitioning day-to-day responsibilities to the property management and leasing departments.

The Asset Management Group remains closely involved, supervising the implementation of the plan, re-evaluating strategies when appropriate and monitoring performance in light of market conditions. When the time is right, the Asset Management Group will oversee the disposition of the asset.

We believe that the probability of success is enhanced when the acquisition, redevelopment, management, marketing, leasing and disposition of an asset adheres to a prescient strategy, implemented by a full-service provider with the unmistakable mindset of an owner.


For over 70 years, M & J Wilkow has developed a proficiency for identifying, negotiating, structuring and closing attractive investment opportunities in a professional, efficient and confidential manner. We share our insights with our clients, which include pension funds and trusts, as well as private and institutional investors.

Understanding our clients' investment criteria and being thoroughly familiar with the marketplace enables us to match our clients' real estate asset allocation needs with available product.

Our clients rely on our ability to monitor market trends in order to alert them when it becomes necessary or desirable to either adjust product type allocations within their real estate portfolio or reposition their assets in the marketplace.

property management

No aspect of real estate investment is more important than the professional supervision a property receives after its acquisition. Maximizing the potential of a real estate investment through skilled management is an expertise we have developed over more than half a century of operating properties of all product types.

Our experience with company-owned properties has given us an enlightened perspective towards property management.

We prioritize ongoing property maintenance and improvement programs to avoid the costly capital expenditures that inevitably result from deferred maintenance or obsolescence. We refuse to set illusory, short-term goals that maximize initial yields at the expense of properly maintaining the physical plant or providing the level of service our tenants have grown to expect.

The professional supervision provided by M & J Wilkow includes all the services needed over the course of an investment. We have a full staff of certified public accountants and bookkeepers who, together with our management staff, furnish the comprehensive budgets and financial statements that owners and managers use for planning, controlling expenses and judging the performance of a property.


M & J Wilkow’s marketing department is responsible for oversight of the M & J Wilkow brand, as well as the marketing programs of each of the Company’s assets.

The team oversees the implementation of award-winning strategic marketing programs to create brand awareness and drive sales and traffic to our portfolio of retail centers.  

We manage property public relations programs, digital marketing, social media, special events and tenant outreach initiatives.

property leasing

As with all M & J Wilkow specialists, our leasing personnel and agents possess a quality that profoundly distinguishes them from the competition: an affinity for evaluating business transactions from the owner's perspective, grounded in the belief that the client's long-term goals have precedence over short-term considerations.

Our leasing group consists of licensed brokers and salespersons who have extensive experience marketing property for lease and sale.

Our brokers are acutely aware of the implications that a poorly conceived marketing program can have in terms of vexing operational issues and the underlying value of an asset in the long run.