Waimea, HI - Parker Ranch Center is pleased to announce Big Island Tokyo Table will join the Fireside Food Court later this year. Three Big Island-based partners, two originally from Japan and one from Taiwan, have signed a lease to occupy the 775 square-foot space located across Village Burger. The new eatery will add to the food court's already diverse lineup of dining options, with a unique Asian-inspired menu for the Waimea community to enjoy.

"Our new tenant, Big Island Tokyo Table, reflects an emerging optimism among businesses, as community members gain confidence about their health and safety," said Leolani Kini, General Manager of Parker Ranch Center. "We know that residents of Waimea and beyond are always on the lookout for authentic, quality food to enjoy with family and friends. Parker Ranch Center welcomes this new business to our community."

Big Island Tokyo Table will be managed by three partners, Kumi Hori, Tomoaki Shibata and Pay Lee. The partners have diverse backgrounds and skills, effectively rounding out the business operations and chef duties. Shibata is a chef from Kyoto who started out at Ryoutie, a prestigious, traditional Japanese restaurant. He has experience in various Japanese restaurants and hotels in the U.S. Shibata arrived in Hawaii in 2019 as one of the grand opening staff for "Moa Kitchen" in Waimea. Hori, who hails from Tokyo, is a dentist with a rich background in business management and a love for the restaurants of her hometown. Lee is from Taiwan and is the founder of the well-known Boba drink store in downtown Hilo. She previously served as a manager for her family's disposable food container business in Taiwan. 

Big Island Tokyo Table will offer authentic Japanese food, including the Japanese-Western and Japanese-Chinese fusions that can be found when travelling to Japan. It will also include Shibata and Hori family recipes, and authentic Taiwanese Boba drinks. The eatery will feature local farm products, including macadamia nuts from Hori's own farm. Planned menu items will include sushi rolls, udon, omlet chicken rice, takoyaki, homemade gyoza, pork filled katsu and organic chicken katsu, as well as local macadamia nuts and fruits. 

"We are going to bring something that will be very unique to Waimea and that is to share our heritage as Japanese and Taiwanese," said Hori of Big Island Tokyo Table. "As partners, we come from different places and bring different skills, but what we share are our common values, tastes and work ethic. Big Island Tokyo Table will be well prepared to provide our customers with many choices," she added.

Customers will also have the option to safely and conveniently pre-order and pre-pay through Big Island Tokyo Table's app. The eatery will also feature a pick-up window which customers can access directly from outside the food court for express checkout. It will offer affordable Ohana dinner sets, perfect for working households, and high-end set menus for home gatherings. Select niche Japanese merchandise, such as drinks and cookies, will be available for purchase. 

Community members can check the center's Facebook and Instagram @ParkerRanchCenter for updates regarding Big Island Tokyo Table's scheduled opening date later this year, as well as center updates and news about its shops and restaurants. 

Parker Ranch Center is Waimea's one-stop shopping destination and proud member of the community. As we continue to safeguard our customers, visitors are reminded that face masks are required and those who feel ill should refrain from visiting the center to help keep others safe. Please avoid large groups and practice social distancing while at Parker Ranch Center. The center is committed to the community's health and safety and follows federal and local guidelines, with regular cleaning and sanitizing practices.

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