June 1, 2015…M & J Wilkow, Ltd. is pleased to announce that, after signing a long-term lease, it has relocated its corporate office to the 30th floor of 20 South Clark Street. With unimpaired views from anywhere in the office and plenty of natural light, M & J’s new headquarters was designed to provide the perfect combination of private offices, conference rooms and open space work areas to make for a very pleasant, collaboration-inducing, work environment. One of the very special features of our new office space is the Gallery facing the main conference room, which displays stunning photos of some of our recent acquisitions and most prominent properties in our portfolio.

The 364,874 square foot 20 South Clark Street office building, which is located in the central CBD directly to the west of Chase Plaza, has been owned by affiliates of M & J Wilkow since 2000, and is managed by M & J Wilkow, Ltd. and leased by the Telos Group, LLC.