Varner Crossing

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4150 Macland Road
Powder Springs, GA 30127
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Varner Crossing

General Information

Varner Crossing is a grocery anchored community shopping center located in suburban Atlanta, Georgia.


Varner Crossing Shopping Center is comprised of an 80,466 square foot grocery anchored community shopping center and with two outlots, one under construction with Dunkin' Donuts and one vacant outlot. The main portion of the shopping center is anchored by a Kroger Supermarket, which features a Kroger fuel center, and is additionally occupied by eleven tenants. The shopping center was constructed in 2003. Varner Crossing is a property positioned at the central location for population growth in west Cobb County Georgia.


Varner Crossing is located in the city of Powder Springs which is within Cobb County. The property is located at the intersection of Macland Road (Highway 360) and Lost Mountain Road (Highway 176) which form a key intersection that acts as a funnel for scores of planned and existing subdivisions. Varner Crossing is located on the “far-corner, going home” side of the road. The retail corridors servicing this middle to middle upper class suburb of Atlanta are the East-West Connector and the West Cobb Loop, which link the residents of West Cobb to 1-285 and ultimately to the city of Atlanta. Varner Crossing’s access is enhanced by its position at a signalized intersection with three curb cuts.


Vice President - Retail:
Martin Liles
Phone: 312.279.5953
Senior Portfolio Manager:
Pam Pedersen
Phone: 312.279.5944
Brett A. Fuller
Phone: 770.955.2434

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