M & J Wilkow, Ltd. was founded in 1939 by Mendel and Joseph Wilkow who, with financial support from their father Robert, got their start in the commercial real estate business by acquiring apartment buildings in Chicago, Illinois. During the 1960s and 1970s, under the leadership of Mendel’s son William, the Company expanded its business plan by acquiring shopping centers and office buildings – first in the metropolitan Chicago area and then around the country. Typically, these acquisitions would be made through single purpose investment partnerships or companies sponsored by the Company.

Since the mid-1980s, the Company has been run by its two principals – William Wilkow’s sons, Marc and Clif. Marc’s son Gregg joined the Company as a principal in October 2007 after working for six years at LaSalle Bank, N.A. During this period of time, in addition to expanding the size of its portfolio, the Company has modified its business plan once again by transforming itself from primarily being a long-term investor of stabilized real estate assets with limited management resources to a full service, commercial real estate company providing “value added” services to both affiliated investment companies, as well as third party owners of real estate. Accustomed to approaching real estate from an owner's perspective, the principals believe that value is first created and then enhanced by the implementation of a strategic plan, thoughtfully conceived with inter-disciplinary input from representatives of its asset management, property management and leasing groups. The plan spells out a series of interrelated, value-driven objectives, as well as the means for achieving them. Transition to the implementation phase of the process is seamless because of the collaborative effort involved in devising the plan.   

The competitive edge offered by M & J Wilkow is our ability to tailor and implement an asset-specific strategic plan for value enhancement by drawing from the expertise, experience and energy of our multi-disciplinary team of specialists. While our long history of success in the real estate industry speaks well for our ability to produce tangible results, we are decidedly forward looking. Our firm is comprised of energetic professionals who are driven by enthusiasm born of dedication, hard work and who are guided by the old fashioned ethics and morality that have built our reputation.