Property Management

No aspect of real estate investment is more important than the professional supervision a property receives after its acquisition. Without strong management to optimize the value and return of an investment portfolio, even the most promising asset will fail to meet the expectations of its owner. Maximizing the potential of a real estate investment through skilled management is an expertise we have developed over more than a half a century of operating properties of all product types.

Our experience with company-owned properties has given us an enlightened perspective towards property management. We regularly analyze the operating performance of comparable properties. We appreciate the importance of providing for, and adhering to, ongoing property maintenance and improvement programs to avoid the costly capital expenditures that inevitably result from deferred maintenance or obsolescence. We refuse to set illusory, short-term goals that maximize initial yields at the expense of properly maintaining the physical plant or providing the level of service our tenants have grown to expect. We also have a keen understanding of the financial benefits derived from minimizing costly tenant turnover, which is often the consequence of allowing building services to fall below tenant expectations. Our Tenant Retention Program is proactive, and its results underscore the effectiveness of our approach.

The professional supervision provided by M & J Wilkow includes all the services needed over the course of an investment. We have a full staff of certified public accountants and bookkeepers who, together with our management staff, furnish the comprehensive budgets and financial statements that owners and managers use for planning, controlling and judging the performance of a property. Year-to-date reporting with succinct explanations for variances is, of course, provided. To minimize the possibility of surprise, a year-end cash flow projection is also maintained and adjusted, when appropriate, on a monthly basis.