Company Overview

Mission Statement

Whether for our own account or on behalf of a client, we look for extraordinary opportunities to create value through our sound investment, redevelopment, management and leasing expertise. M & J Wilkow has successfully applied its philosophy to nearly every form of real estate in virtually every geographic and economic setting.

When we are principals, our commitment is underscored by a financial stake in the investment. When we are not, our commitment is no less resolute. We still have a personal stake: our reputation.

About M & J Wilkow

M & J Wilkow's approach to real estate emerged distinctively from an owner's perspective and has evolved over seventy eight years in the real estate business. It is based on the philosophy that value is first created and then enhanced by the implementation of a thoughtfully conceived strategic plan. The plan spells out a series of interrelated, value-driven objectives, as well as the means for achieving them.

At the present time, the Company's portfolio consists of 42 properties, which includes 20 office buildings and 22 retail properties consisting of approximately 10.2 million square feet. The aggregate market value of the portfolio is estimated to be in excess of $2.1 billion.